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Questor is a world leader in providing innovative solutions powered by clean combustion. Our incinerators save our clients money through reduced fuel gas consumption, lower operating costs, less maintenance and smaller lease sizes.

In addition to providing safe, reliable, and compliant waste gas combustion systems across an array of industries, the use of combustion heat provides the opportunity for water vaporization and power generation; two initiatives we view as of emerging significance and further demonstrates our commitment of providing superior, cost-effective, products and technical support.

Questor’s mission is the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and other problematic emission through a 99.99% combustion efficient process whilst also improving operational efficiencies and ensuring social license for our clients.

Multiple Waste Gas Streams
Whether you have low, high or fluctuating waste gas pressure streams, Questor engineered waste gas management solutions can be designed to handle multiple waste gas streams; many times into a single combustor unit. Our focus is reducing operational costs and minimizing lease hold footprint for our clients.
Enclosed clean combustor with greater than 99.99% combustion efficiency is the best available technology to ensure that all harmful contaminants are fully destroyed before they can escape into the atmosphere.Economical and effective management of waste gas streams will ensure the sustainability of the energy market for years to come, by bridging the gap between producers and local communities.
Heat to Power
Based on proven Organic Rankine Cycle technology, ClearPower’s heat-to-power generator and recovery system is uniquely configured using off the shelf technology with a purpose designed expander which guarantees efficiency and low parasitic loss that our competition cannot match.

Water Vaporization
New innovative technology under development will be a game changer for many producers. On-site vaporization of produced or flow back water using the excess thermal energy of combustion will vastly reduce the requirement for disposal well and pipeline. 90% reduction in waste water volume can translate to reduction in storage, transportation or disposal costs changing the profitability equation for a number of drilling sites.

Proudly serving industry by safely managing waste gas emissions for over 20 years

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