What We Do


Questor is a leading provider of safe, reliable, efficient and compliant waste gas combustion systems. We assist our clients by delivering solutions and technology that are consistent with their needs while addressing concerns of the public and maintaining compliant performance.

Power Generation

ClearPower Systems’ Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) system combines waste heat recover and power generation technology.

Integrated Solutions

Gas Dehydration

Recognized as a best practice by several major US midstream companies, Questor incinerators provide significant operational savings through minimal fuel use, reduced footprint, no condensing while ensuring regulatory compliance.

Acid & Tail Gas

Questor’s combustion efficiency of >99.99% ensures the safe and effective management of H2S ensuring regulatory compliance and community acceptance.

Pipeline Maintenance

Waste gas combustion provides heat for use in various facility applications including glycol reboilers, storage tank and water vaporization.

Rail Car & Truck Loading

Questor incinerators are used extensively in the effective management of vapors from offloading facilities with no smoke, flame or odor.

Refinery And Gas Processing

By premixing air and waste gas prior to combustion, rich gases are combusted effectively and reduced to simple products of combustion.

Tank Vapors

Questor’s patented design provides significant capital and operational cost savings in the management of VOCs. The absence of moving parts ensures a simple and reliable combustion system.

Well Testing & Green Completions

While the combustion of landfill gases poses challenges for alternative combustion systems, QTI incinerators combust at >99.99% while providing an opportunity for power generation.

Our Operations

Water Vaporization

Continuous improvements in our engineering design ensure we provide solutions that are efficient, effective and add value for our clients. Utilizing combustion heat for water vaporization is one of the key innovative strategies developed by Questor’s engineering team.

The common practice of produced water management has been to store, transport and inject high volumes of this water into deep reservoirs. Questor’s water vaporization process removes pure water from waste streams resulting in a 90% reduction in waste and significantly reducing operating costs.